For custom plastic precision machining, Plastic Design and Manufacturing Inc. provides the services that you need. Working with all types of plastics: UHMW, PTFE, Nylon, PVC, Acetal, Acrylic, and many more, we can manufacture your products using our wide range of plastic precision machining expertise. Machining processes available include turning, milling, routing, threading, knurling, pocketing, and drilling, with CNC control capabilities for high precision work. We can manufacture parts with diameters as small as 0.060", or as large as 16". Part lengths can run to 48" for conventionally turned products, 24" for CNC turning, and maximum dimensions of 60" x 120" for milling and routing processes.

Our full service expertise also includes assistance in material selection depending on the precision tolerances required, as well as data sheets and printing services. We can provide in-house fixturing and tooling specialized for plastic machining, and we never re-use tools from one material to another in order to avoid contamination. With clients from industries as varied as textiles, aerospace, chemical, medical, and converting, we are fully prepared to meet any need that you may require.Send us your files and we will work with your speifications.

Sheet Rod Tube

With a wide range of material available, Plastic Design & Manufacturing, Inc. distributes plastic sheet, plastic rod, and plastic tubing products in various shapes and configurations. Polymers and plastics that we work with include Acrylics, polycarbonate, PETG, acetals, nylons, PET, PVC,PVC foam, LDPE,HDPE, polyproplyene , UHMW, and many others. Depending on material and end use, our plastic products are produced either through a casting or extrusion process.Send us your files and we will work with your speifications.

We offer plastic tubing,and in solid plastic rod, we offer round, square, hexagon, or triangular standard shapes, with custom shapes in large production runs are available. Plastic sheet is available in frosted or matte finish, and custom colors, including clear plastic, are available for all of our plastic products. We can provide plastic rod and tubing in 1/8" to 24" diameter and lengths from 1/2" to 10'. We also fabricate plastic sheet in thickness from 0.030 thousands to 2', with widths from 1/4" to 10' and lengths up to 14'. Just a few of the typical applications and products that we offer include mechanical products, insulators, wear products, welding rod, acrylic mirror sheet, vinyl strip doors, and tapes in various materials. Please contact us with the full details of your project for more information.


Offering extensive experience with plastic materials and products, Plastic Design & Manufacturing, Inc. provides custom plastic fabrication services for custom plastic displays and other products. We fabricate a versatile and broad line of plastic display product types: countertop displays, end caps, free standing units, trays, wall units, signs, and more. We also welcome custom orders to meet your specific needs. Just a few of the plastic materials we work with include Acrylic, ABS, PETG, Polycarbonate, PVC foam, Styrene, Sintra, UHMW, high pressure laminates, and many more. We can work with nearly any plastic; just inquire with us about your requirements. FDA, SPC, and mil-spec requirements can be met when required.

Our plastic fabrication capabilities run from laser cutting and CNC machining to polishing, bonding , all types of forming and screen printing. In addition to our core fabrication services, we offer a number of supporting and secondary options for our custom plastic displays as well. We can assist with product design, graphic design, and assembly, and also offer full in-process inspection. For faster service, we do offer a number of off-the-shelf products, and rush services and J.I.T. delivery is available for all of our products. For more information, contact Plastic Design and Manufacturing today!